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Clubhouse UX to be reviewed

I have been present on Clubhouse for a few weeks and from the point of view of the user experience I think that an occasional visitor sees all the defects compared to an established user.

Although the app is still in beta mode, this application stands out from other social networks because it uses only the voice. You can be in a room for a few minutes with your favorite celebrity and soon after you may find yourself in a group who just want to have "drink" speeches.

Assuming that the app is quite intuitive and minimal, there are some aspects from the UX point of view that users in the rooms themselves complain about during use.

One thing that seems to prevail over all of them is the difficulty in understanding that he is speaking at that exact moment except thanks to a beige circle around the image of the user's avatar.
As long as there are fewer than 12 people in the audience this problem does not exist, but if there are more people and the person who is speaking is not among the top 12 then it is not clear who is speaking. The only way to understand who is speaking is to scroll down and look for the person who is speaking, provided that this person has not already stopped talking. So the fact that the person speaking is not automatically moved up turns out to be a problem for many.

As for the microphone, at this moment if your microphone is deactivated an icon is displayed if it is active it disappears. From my point of view it would be useful to show an icon only for those who have the microphone active.

A very interesting “feature” could be that of being able to ask questions to the moderators of the room without necessarily having to enter the audience, in this way it would also give a voice to the audience that is simply listening.

For the moment, you can only add the twitter and instagram integration to your bio, but since the app also serves to make yourself known at a professional level, it would be useful to be able to directly enter the link to your LinkedIn profile.

I am convinced that with time Clubhouse will remain an original instrument but as I am already seeing, I myself am losing interest. This is because if you want to intervene in the audio chat you have to be alone and if you are at home or at work this is often not possible and you just listen. By doing so, the app is reduced to being a simple podcast except for the fact that it is all live.