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Creating a logo: common mistakes

The logo is the direct reflection of your brand or business, a symbol that distinguishes you from others.   In order to create a good logo there are technical aspects that must be taken into consideration, they are not precise rules but important indications.   First you need to ask yourself which is your target (client), the colors you would like to use, or not to use, whether to use the name as a logo or whether to use a symbol.   Once these aspects have been determined, you must try not to fall into the most common mistakes in creating a logo that can compromise your logo and your business respectively.   Too many elements Too many elements in the logo can only create confusion and therefore divert attention from the same. It is not necessary to insert all the elements that represent your business, it must be simple and easily recognizable.   Too many colors and fonts A very clear example is "You don't have to attract attention as if you were an unmissable offer at the supermarket", in essence be careful not to use too many colors and fonts.   In the design phase it is usually used to make drafts in black and white only once the "shape" of the logo has been defined, the colors are added.   There is a formula that I like to respect which is to use at most 2 fonts and two different shades of colors.   Copy the others I didn't want to say it but I say it the same, it's not nice to copy, you can take inspiration from many sources otherwise you risk having a logo similar if not the same as another, losing confidence of above all professionalism. In this way it will not be very difficult to distinguish from the crowd not to mention copyright rights.   Images inside the logos A logo has the fundamental characteristic of being in "vector" to ensure maximum adaptability to any size and support. The insertion of an image (there are no images in vector) prevents the use on large formats and in case the logo was enlarged it would be grainy.

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