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It’s time to GO! Replace Python with GO Lang!

For many years we used the Python language for all our Server applications with great success and pleasure. We made use of the Django framework which has always proved to be an excellent ally.Now, however, Python/Django is proving to be a very complete but also very heavy ecosystem. Furthermore, distributing a project in this technology means sharing many files and especially the source code, which in some cases would be less preferable.We started looking for different alternatives, until we found a new ally in the GO language, more precisely GO/Buffalo.The advantage of enclosing the entire application in a single executable is for us a convenience and also the performance make the difference.Surely the project is younger than Python/Django but it has shown itself to be very promising.For this reason, we are starting to convert our server applications to this new technology and we hope to be able to support the GO/Buffalo project by providing useful tutorials to everyone.