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Open Source software at office?

We often ask ourselves whether if is more advantageous to replace proprietary software, which requires the acquisition of licenses, with open source software. As for office software such as word processors or spreadsheets, there are currently many very good solutions that I can meet the most particular needs. There are also solutions in the cloud, but this depends on how you are used to working. As far as the operating system of your computer is concerned, the transition may be more problematic. If you use management software, you must be sure that these are compatible with the chosen operating system. But even in this case we must be sure that those who provide us with IT support, know the chosen system well and can help us in any difficulty. In essence, open source software is certainly very valid, and allow us to save the purchase of licenses. However, it must be borne in mind that the introduction of new software involves staff training and perhaps higher costs for assistance. So a migration is always possible but it is advisable to do it in several steps.