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Tablet, the new notebook?

Every day I’m using my iPad for different activities. Surely the testing of our Apps is the most assiduous use, but for its practicality I started using it to take notes, or even create some sketch of a project. My usual fellow traveler is always my Notebook. When we have to discuss a new project or try out real-time ideas, working with my usual programs is always useful and quick. However, at the last meetings I showed up with my iPad. Of course programs like Photoshop are not present, but there are excellent alternatives that allow me to start discussing a project by creating and sharing different material. The convenience of exchanging a tablet to show an idea, instead of passing the notebook makes teamwork much more stimulating. For this reason we are considering trying out hybrid devices that can be as practical as a tablet, but allow us to use the software we use on a daily basis. So for a collaborative work the tablet is definitely the best choice and if you need power the stationary workstation never disappoints.