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Why create 360° panoramic photographs?

To increase direct bookings, it is necessary to have an advantage over others, something that offers the unexpected and that delightes the guest inclined to digitization.For example, when travelers search for a hotel, in addition to the location and price they look for the hotel's features. Guests want immersive information before booking and feeling well informed before taking the plunge, so hotels have to think about new ways to introduce themselves. And what better way to transport your guests directly to your hotel than with panoramic views of your rooms and your spaces. The 360​​° panoramic images allow guests to see your hotel from all angles, as if they were there with you. It's the perfect way to intensify the game and invite guests to your world.According to Google, visitors are 130% more likely to make a reservation based on a virtual tour. When you make your content more interactive, visitors are busy longer. This offers more opportunities for guests to explore your site and convert visitors into reservations.For the SEO of your website, the longest visitors are the best are the search results. This is because Google rewards sites when you provide relevant and valuable information to your users. A Best Western study found that hotel bookings increased more than 45% when they used internal and external virtual tours.For hotels, the benefits are amplified as guests wish to see where they will be staying. Adopting 360° panoramic photographs create a first-person experience for guests, show off your unique characteristics and separate yourself from the competition.This puts you in an obvious advantage.